How to add some Bing to your browser.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Microsoft launched new browser Bing, the world's first decision engine, to help you make important deicsions faster. To that end, we’d like to show you how to set Bing as your search default on Internet Explorer, Firefox, safari and google chrome.

Switching search engines in your browser of choice is not tough if you've done, but for first timers, it may be difficult to find out where to start.

How do I change IE so Bing is default search engine?

The easiest in IE8, using a Firefox-like model for adding new search engines and setting the standard. IE7 is a bit complicated, but not so much. With IE8, click on this link to Bing search add-on, click on the "Add to Internet Explorer" button. In the next dialog box, select "Make this my default search engine" if you want to Bing to be number 1 search on your parade, click the 'Add' button. That's it.

In IE7, select "Internet Options" from the Tools menu and then under the "General" tab, click the Settings button next to "Search: Change search defaults" section. In the next dialog box, click the link on the lower left, which reads: "Find more providers ..." and when the new browser window opens, click Bing in the list on the left under "Web search. "To Bing the new standard, make sure the" Make this my default search engine in the next dialog. Click "Add Provider" Done.

How to change Firefox so use Bing?

Go to the Microsoft-sanctioned Bing add-on - as apposed some just-so-good unofficial versions - and click the "Add to Firefox" button. You must agree to the privacy policy that shows on the screen. To make Bing Firefox's default search engine, check the "Start using it right away" box before you click the "Add" button.

How do I use Bing on the Google chrome browser?

You gotta do what manual chromium add Bing, which is not surprising given the fact that Bing rival search engine behind Google Chrome.

Right-click On the search bar at the top of Chrome and choose "Edit search engines', click 'Add'.
Enter "Bing" in the first two fields, and string - search in the third, the words "URL." Click OK. Then the new Bing search item and click the "Make Default" button. Click 'Close'.

Because Microsoft is redirecting all traffic from the now-Kaput Live Search to Bing, you can simply typing and choose "Live Search" from the list under "default search options in the dialog box that appears when you right click the address bar. Everything as a search in the bar is shunted to Bing, not Live Search.

Bing in Safari-

Safari locks its users in Google - although the Windows version of Apple's browser, you can choose between it and Yahoo - so you need to download a tool to add flexibility to search Safari.

The shortcut to Bing is similar to the option Chrome users: Click "Search Engines" in the list on the left, then down to you "Live Search." Check its box. Close Preferences. To Live Search (Bing) the default, click the icon in the search box to the drop-down list and then choose Live Search. Or you can do the typing, like in Chrome.
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Kay B said...

I joined the Bing 'revolution' when it was first launched, but in the past 4 weeks, I decided to leave Bing behind because of the annoying pop-up Bing ads that wouldn't go away, no matter what pop-up ad killer software I used. I'm now back to Yahoo, which is where I started way back in 1998.