BHO:- Browser Helper Object.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

A BHO is an object library file [Dynamic Link Library (DLL), which is loaded each time when using the Microsoft Internet Explorer is running. A BHO is an additional program to Internet Explorer (and only Internet Explorer and all browsers based on Internet Explorer as AOL Browser, NeoPlanet etc). Other browsers (Mozilla, Firefox, Netscape, Opera etc) Are not affected.

Many BHO are invisible or unnoticed installed (only a few users read the fine print in the EULA [End User License Agreement (EULA) of the freeware program). Because they are programs, BHO can all do what other programs can do. In addition, there is no easy way, the BHOs that are based on a PC installed, enumerate.

Its installation procedure, voluntary or, more often without your knowledge, uses ActiveX technology. If you inhibit this technology in Internet Explorer, you are safe. If you have asked to keep control on ActiveX technology, you are notified of the attempted installation that you can then accept or refuse.

The mechanism for receiving BHO is integrated with Internet Explorer since version 4. It allows third parties to add functionality or customize it. Microsoft says that on this page: Browser Helper Objects The Browser the Way You Want It and here and even gives a programming example of a BHO.

A BHO is usually when it is visible as one or a series of buttons or a toolbar (toolbar) added to the menu of your Internet Explorer browser without your knowledge. The BHO is always supposed to give you functionality or comfort. In fact, it is most often a hidden functions or parasites, even hostile.

The problems posed by BHO are 4 different types:

1. Problem writing: it turns out that the BHO are often badly written (usually in C + +, a programming language). They plant IE or come into conflict with him or conflict
between them when there are several installed, causing problems very difficult to diagnose and resolve because you often have no way of knowing that BHO s is installed.

2. Problem behavior: The mechanism of BHO to, for example, access to each URL handled by your browser and, therefore, many of BHO are to:

1. Spies (spyware) to track all your movements on the Net (tracking and profiling)

2. A tools (adware), to display advertisements (convergence anti-ads) or
replacement pages (modify your browser without your knowledge) or by other advertising (banners)

3. Hijackers of behavior modification on your browser against your will (such as changing the start page, change the settings for accepting ActiveX controls etc).

They can also routinely conflict with other running programs, cause a variety of page faults, run time errors, and the like, and generally impede browsing performance.

A great little tool for viewing and, if required, disabling, the BHO that may be installed on your machine is BHODemon from Internet and prevent your computer from BHO.
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Leon Victor said...

Thanks for sharing about IE,NeoPlanet, Mozilla, Firefox, Netscape and Opera Browser Helper Object with hidden functions and problems.