How Can Clear Browsing History

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Each time you open a browser to view Web pages, in order things online, or read your e-mail Web-based browser, information stored on your computer. Whether you're watching the weather online, reading sports, catch up with the latest world news or enjoy things a little more private, all the information stored on your computer. Windows operating system to store all this material in the so-called temporary Internet files or cache. Website information may be stored bit who you are, when you visit the website of the Cookie request document on your computer. Your web browser will store the list of sites you've visited the place and experience the history of your files on your computer. Even if you do not online, the program will be the preservation of historical archives to open, play, or visit.

In order to save hard disk space, or to help the private sector to maintain its Internet browser, the user may find it necessary to delete the Internet history:


1. Choose Safari -> Empty Cache

Alternatively you can "reset" Safari to erase all of its history

2. Choose Safari -> Reset Safari

Also, if you want to keep browsing private next time your are surfing, you can turn on private browsing in Safari:

3. Choose Safari -> Private Browsing

Internet Explorer:-

1. Choose Tools -> Internet Options 2. Choose the General tab 3. Click Delete Files under Temporary Internet Files 4. Check Delete all offline content5. Select OK


1. Choose Tools -> Options 2. Choose the Privacy Icon 3. Choose the Cache tab4. Click Clear Cache Now.


1. Choose Firefox -> Preferences

2. Choose the Advanced Icon

3. Choose the Network tab

4. Click Clear Now under the Cache heading.

Netscape -

Netscape users can delete their history files by clicking the "Edit" menu, "Preferences", "History", and click the "Clear History" button.


Opera users can delete their history by clicking the "File" menu, "Preferences", "History", and click "Empty now" button. In addition, users can check "Empty on exit" if they
wish for this task to occur each time they exit the browser.
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