Browser starts automatically with Windows No additional risk of viruses

Friday, June 26, 2009

The Startup folder is not the only place where software is directly from the start . In the System Configuration Utility is available to start programs, and there is a good chance that Internet Explorer that is currently affected. Go to Start Run, type "msconfig" and click OK. Go in the window that appears, find the Startup tab. Here you will find in many cases references to your anti-virus software and your firewall. If your browser is also listed, you can unchecked to remove so that he always seems to be the boot is.

Now we are on that tab Startup are: a good look but also that there are no spyware or other unnecessary components between that you can start to slow. Some, including regular, software packages, the irresistible tendency to install as many shortcuts as possible and references to the system to leave, so you can find the program easy and fast to start. Even if you hardly used. Even such references can be to prevent the tray of icons is a fairground. Be it carefully, because you do not want to essential programs off.

One final point: sec that your browser starts, of course, means no additional risk of viruses. The first is whether your Internet connection than already was has come for your virus scanner active. And secondly, the browser itself is not much to do, you'll have yourself to risky sites online. Is possible, for example, that immediately after starting an detects Trojan horse or other intruder from your PC contacts with the outside world. But of course you are protected by adequate firewall you serve it. If that right from the start becomes active, at least.
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