For Microsoft, Internet Explorer 8 is faster than Firefox and Chrome

Monday, June 22, 2009

In a study comparing the display speed of IE 8, chrome and Firefox, Microsoft's browser first class. Conclusions that go against the tide of independent test carried out so far.

The comparison made by Microsoft will not fail to respond in the forums and blogs. To accompany the launch, this upcoming Internet Explorer 8, the publisher has measured the speed display browser compared to chrome and Firefox.

The tested versions of browser IE 8 competitors are - 1.0 for the chromium and 3.05 for Firefox.
Opera and safari were not selected because of their low market share on Windows systems, and Microsoft said.

IE 8 faster on 50% of sites tested-

Grounds of the inadequacy of online tools typically used to measure the performance of browsers, and especially those of the javascript engine, Microsoft has developed its own methodology and testing tools.

He then timed display speed of the three sailors on 25 web sites, selected among the most important in terms of traffic according to comscore. According to the results, Internet Explorer 8 would be the fastest on the display of 12 or 25 sites, on 9 chrome and Firefox on only 4.

Previous tests rank last IE 8-

Comparisons are inherently subject to controversy, especially as the previous test, carried out by various actors, tended to classify Internet Explorer 8 from the slower browsers.

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