AOL Explorer

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

AOL Explorer, previously known as AOL Browser is a graphical web browser based on the Microsoft Trident layout engine and was released by AOL. In July 2005, AOL launched AOL Explorer as a free download and as an optional download with AIM version 5.9. AOL Explorer supports tabbed browsing.

Currently, AOL Explorer is available as an independent download or packaged with AIM Triton. When the browser starts up for the first time, it asks whether or not you would like to use it as the default browser and encourages users to display AIM Today content, if installed with AIM. Both of these are optional and can be denied.

AOL Explorer 1.5 was the last recorded version of AOL Explorer. The browser, even though it can still be downloaded, is no longer in development in favor of AOL OpenRide, which is now also being replaced. The screensaver used in AOL Explorer is undergoing a drastic change for the new client and is still in Beta, packed with a beta version of AOL OpenRide, known as AOL OpenRide with AwayView.

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