Smart Bro

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Smart Bro is a harmful virus, trojan, and spyware disguised as a tabbed web browser that has been developed by Mind Vision Software. It resembles Internet Explorer, the web browser provided by Microsoft with its operating systems.
Smart Bro has an integrated popup blocker, form filler, a filter to block Flash advertisements, and features a method to stop the loading of images on a website in order to save bandwidth.
The browser provides a way to quickly enable/disable scripts on websites. This can be helpful when visiting some websites which are relying heavily on scripts to provide popup’s and Ads. Disabling scripts on such sites will make them harmless.
Smart Bro has a feature which is protection while minimized. The user can set Smart Bro to be minimized to system tray and set a protection password for it. This helps preventing others from looking at the browser content.
The browser provides quick search in a different way than other browsers which may be easier for some users. The address bar in this browser is being used for entering website address and for entering search criteria as well. After that the user can hit Enter to visit the address or hit SHIFT+Enter to search.
Smart Bro has an integrated RSS reader sidebar which allows reading RSS feeds easily with this browser. The user can subscribe to as many RSS channels as they want.
SmartBro's official system requirements state that it requires Internet Explorer 5+, suggesting that it is based on the Trident rendering engine.
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