Windows web browsers

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Windows web browsers


Madfox was a web browser based on Mozilla Firefox, developed by a Chinese developer Robin Lu (nicknamed as "splyb"). The project was an experimental project trying to enhance non-standard compatibility with Internet Explorer. As of October 12, 2005 the project stopped, and due to the rate of security fixes in browsers, this project can be considered retired. Some of the documented changes:

  • Enhanced getElementByName and getElementById functions.
  • Support of JScript.Encode.
  • HTML MIME type sniffing.
  • getFrameByName and getFrameById functions.
  • Improved content-disposition tolerance.
  • Improved date value tolerance.
  • Partial support of XML data islands.

As only the rendering engine (Gecko) was changed, it is fully compatible with Firefox (unlike Netscape Browser). All the extensions, themes and plugins that work in Firefox will also work in Madfox.


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