How to Fix Generic Internet Explorer Icons

Monday, September 19, 2011

The original image for your Internet Explorer icons may disappear after awhile, and give you a generic icon in place. A generic icon is a simple white box that replaces your favorite icon image. This happens for a variety of reasons, and most likely you will encounter this at some point. Sometimes, adding or removing programs will give you a generic icon. Other times, updates or added extensions to your browser will give you the white icon box. You can fix generic Internet Explorer icons with a few simple steps.


Create a new folder under My Documents. Name this folder "My Icons" or another name you will remember. This will store your icon images permanently so your cache and Internet cleaning will not remove the image.

Retrieve the icon from the website server. Type in your address bar "". The “” can be any website. Just make sure that you include the slash after “com,” and the “favicon.ico” after the slash. Your favorite icon will appear. Right-click the picture, and save it in your My Icons folder.

Change the properties in your icon to eliminate the generic icon. Right-click on the generic icon and click Properties. Click the “Change Icon” button and click “Browse” to select your icon folder. Choose the icon and click “OK.” Your favorite icon will reappear. This method does not clear out when cleaning the Internet Explorer cache.

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