Select a Web Browser Media Player

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Numerous web browser media players (MP) are available for instant download on the Internet. Most have the same basic features, such as video and audio play. However, many have distinctive features and capabilities. How do you decide which MP is most suitable for you? Asking yourself a few questions and knowing what qualities to look for in a web browser MP will make it easier to determine which one most suits your needs.


Ask yourself what your major usages for a web browser media player will be. What is your main purpose for seeking one? Is it for entertainment, such as online gaming? Is it for business or school presentations? Will you be using an MP mostly for viewing and listening, for producing, or both?

Determine and write down your computer's processor type. Some MPs only work with certain types of processors. You can find out what your processor type is by going to your computer operating system's properties file or system folder.

Take note of your browser support. Certain MPs or versions of them support only specific browsers. For example, according to Microsoft's website, Windows Media Player for Windows XP supports only the browsers Netscape 7.1 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 6, but does not support other browsers such as Mozilla Firefox. However, if an MP that you want requires a browser that your computer does not have, you can often download that browser at its company website (most basic browsers are free).

Check and write down your computer's file size/capacity. You can do this by going to your operating system's properties file or system folder. Multimedia files are very large, so it is crucial to know if your computer has enough space for a particular MP.

Word-search for software distribution websites that offer MPs that support your computer's operating system (OS). Most of these sites offer MPs for well known OS's such as Windows XP and Mac OS X, but there are some designed for particular operating systems. This step is particularly important if you use a less popular OS such as Linux.

At a suitable website from Step 5, check to see which MPs support your answers to Steps 1 through 4. This type of information can be found, or determined, in an MP's website's system requirements and features sections.

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