How to Create a Toolbar for Internet Explorer ?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A search toolbar is a web browser support program that allows you to search for images, videos and online content easily regardless of where you are on the Internet. They include multiple features such as pop-up blockers, email notifications, RSS readers and radio players. You can create a free toolbar that meets all your web surfing needs. Using a free toolbar creation website, customize a toolbar by look and content and easily integrate it to your Internet Explorer web browser.


Navigate to the Conduit toolbar creation page (see link in Resources). Click "Get Started." Type in your name, contact information and password to create a free account. Type in a name for your toolbar and click "Create My Toolbar." Click "Start." This will bring you to the "Edit Your Toolbar" window where you can begin customizing.

Click "Add" next to the options you want to add on the "Basic Components" panel. You can add a logo, links, menu button and an RSS reader. Click "Add" next to the options you want on the "Game & Media" components panel. You can add games, podcasts and TV. Click "Add" next to the search option you want in the "Search" panel. This allows you to select a search window for your toolbar. Click "Add" under the option you want in the "Popular" panel. You can select from radio player, weather notifications, email and pop-up blocker.

Click "Install My Toolbar" when you are done customizing. The toolbar will be installed to your computer. Restart your web browser. The toolbar will be loaded to the top of your Internet Explorer.

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