A Note to Internet Explorer Users - Browser Alternatives

Friday, May 20, 2011

Please, PLEASE stop using Internet Explorer, if for no other reason but this: You won't see all websites the way they were meant to be seen. Internet Explorer (from here on out referred to simply as "IE") does not support many features that other modern browsers support, and what it does support, it does badly. The most recent release (IE7) fixes some issues that previous releases had, but for some reason, Microsoft still refuses to support what other browsers have been supporting for years.

Using IE puts a strain on web developers, and they often have to create and use "hacks" and work-arounds just for IE. This is simply unacceptable. It creates non standards-compliant websites, and often forces webmasters to leave out features they would otherwise include. Many web developers also live by the "Screw IE" philosophy, which means that web pages will look silly to you only because you use IE. The same page will look great if you're using another browser. Is it really worth it?

Many people are afraid to switch because they don't like change, and they're afraid to learn a new piece of software. Modern browsers have a very small learning curve, and only take a few minutes to get the hang of. In fact, switching to IE7 will be more difficult to learn than changing to Firefox. What are you waiting for?

Want another reason? Security. IE has many security flaws the other browsers have fixed. IE is a target for hackers. Do you like viruses, spyware and adware? Then keep using IE. Using a different browser instantly makes your browsing significantly safer.

So which browser should you switch to? There are many free choices available. I prefer Firefox for many reasons, and so do 77% of my readers. It all comes down to personal preference, but for first switching from IE, I recommend Firefox. Here are links to some of the most popular alternatives:





Those are some of the more popular browsers, and I have personally used and highly recommend all of them.

Note: When you install a new browser, do not uninstall Internet Explorer. You will still need it for many Microsoft features including Windows Update. Isn't it nice of Microsoft to refuse other browsers to use their services? There are also still a few online services which require IE like banks, some colleges, etc.

Source: http://goo.gl/pdSnm
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