Google Chrome Web Browser Shines

Monday, January 12, 2009

No longer is a beta, Google’s Chrome Web browser a capable contender to Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

However, the search company's browser not have some basic features found in IE, Firefox and Opera, and limits users who want to characterize settings and customize their browser. In spite of its shortcomings, browser users should give Google Chrome a try.

Just a few short months ago, Google surprised the Web world with the make public of the beta of Google Chrome, a new Web browser direct from the search massive itself.
So what does the launch of Google Chrome 1.0 mean for the Web browsing world and the Web in general? Well, the simple fact that it is from Google has a major impact, and should put the browser in a good place to fight with Microsoft and Mozilla for market share.

But what about the browser itself? From a severe usability standpoint, Google Chrome is one of the most attractive and instinctive browsers I have ever used, and is probably the most impressive first version of a browser ever. Once a user gets over some of the foibles and differences from other browser interfaces (such as tabs at the very top of the window and no file menus), Google Chrome quickly begins to feel like the right way to surf the Web.

Hopefully that post will help you any time you need computer repair related news, will get in that blog. Google Chrome also has some other nice touches, such as a hybrid search address bar and integration with Google Gears to provide desktop Web applications. However, not everything about Google Chrome shines brilliantly.
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