Wednesday, May 14, 2008

NeoPlanet was a graphical web browser based on the Trident rendering engine (a technology developed by Microsoft for use in Internet Explorer). Started in 1998, NeoPlanet was designed as a customisable browser with content channels and search facilities. As well as this, it also included email and download management. When first launched, it was offered by Lycos as well as featuring a Lycos skin.

Recently, the NeoPlanet browser has no longer been available officially and Lycos is no longer distributing the browser either. On the homepage, NeoPlanet Inc. did mention that "The NeoPlanet browser is currently not available for download. Please check back in the future for more information." although it was still obtainable by going to the Download page as of early 2008.


Skins were a very noticeable feature as well as being vital to the customisable browser vision. Channels also added to this as well as email and a download manager. NeoPlanet also featured an InfoBox and Integrated Search.

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